Friday, May 20, 2011

Tareq Rajab's Calligraphy Collection

We went for a tour of the Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy in Jabriya a couple of weeks ago, organized by Dar Al Athar Al Islamiya. I was overly impressed with the vast collection that was on display. The museum had two floors of beautiful work, most dating back hundreds of years. 

Most of the calligraphers were of Iranian or Egyptian origins. Each with a different style or technique, but the extraordinary precision in every piece was the common between them all.

What I found to be interesting and different was the works of Asian calligraphers. I liked how they integrated the circular scriptive Arabic type with the structured, linear Asian type.

I'm glad we had the opportunity to visit the museum with a tour guide. It was more beneficial as we got better insight on the pieces since not all of them had written explanations. Each piece had such a rich history and hearing the tales behind them made them even more beautiful!
The museum is open to public, free of charge, every day from:
9am - 12pm & 4pm - 7pm
Fridays 9am - 12pm

To view a map of their location, click here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dress-Up Your Home with Silver Corner

We believe that 'dress-up' is not a term that is limited to clothing which is why we love to dress-up our spaces with beautiful accessories! Whether it is for a special occasion or an investment in owning a timeless piece you fall in love with at first sight, homeware and tableware is the ideal addition to giving your living space that special touch.

Found in 1992, Silver Corner Company aim to satisfy their clientele by offering a wide range of home decor collectables from world famous brands. Their range includes both modern and classic, single pieces or full sets. From dinnerware, stemware, flatware and silverware, to picture frames, vases, ashtrays, decorative plates, candle holders, candelabras and all the way to chandeliers.

These small touches around the home make a big difference and also work perfectly as giveaways and personal/corporate gifts.

Silver Corner is located in Al-Hamra Building, Hamad Al-Mubarak Street, Salmiya

For more information, visit their facebook page, or contact them on: / +965 25736209