Friday, April 1, 2011

FILIM: Remixed Arabia

We recently went to Sultan Gallery to see the 'FILIM: Remixed Arabia' exhibit by architect and digital artist, Jassim Al Saddah. The exhibition consisted of an adaptation of 12 of the most famed and internationally recognized movie posters of our time. A few examples include Star Wars, The Godfather, Jaws, My Fair Lady and Chicago. 

Each film poster was redesigned, where Arabic type and regional celebs were used to substitute the original text and characters. Some posters were more obvious than others, and although the exhibit was static, we found it to be quite interactive identifying the posters. We enjoyed the level of wit with each design and took pleasure in the humor behind some of the adaptations.

We also took a booklet from the exhibit which had some very interesting thoughts related to the concept behind the exhibition. We'd like to share a section from it, as it gives more insight on the work presented: The word 'remixed' used in the exhibit title refers to a new generation of posters, where the "content of the original is altered to convey political or comedic messages". Using widely recognized posters also allows the artist to speak to a larger audience with a much louder voice by the use of a single sheet.

Unfortunately the exhibit was only on for 3 days, with the last day being yesterday:  Thursday, March 31st.  To keep up to date with any events coming up in the Kuwaiti art scene, visit:


  1. v interesting and cool:) i was expecting to see the godfather poster though:p

  2. hi anonymous! the godfather poster was there! :)

  3. hi Punk! i meant that i was expecting to see the poster on this post! :)