Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Yard at Work: Tempered by Mimi's

One of the things we enjoy about being graphic designers is the diversity of projects we get to work on. To name a few, we have done work that ranged from logos to wedding album designs to cartoon drawings. The challenge of having a completely different brief each time allows us to learn about new fields and disciplines that we wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

One current design was the graphic work for Tempered by mimi’s. We worked hand in hand with Mimi to bring to life a logo design that she was envisioning for her pop-up chocolate shop.
1) Evolving simple pencil sketches.
2) Finding the perfect shade of red for the logo.
3) Implementing the logo on different mediums.
The Yard and Tempered by mimi’s were pleased with the simple yet bold design that was used to brand the edgy artisan chocolate line. The playful solution for implementing the logo came from extending a line from the letter ‘d’ in tempered. The concept derived from the definition of tempering chocolate (a method of increasing the shine and durability of chocolate couverture by melting it at a specific temperatureand was inspired by a thermometer.

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